I’ll give you a Larsen classic. Larsen told Hope Solo on a Sunday that we didn’t have training on the Monday. So we turn up to training on the Monday, Larsen’s now forgot that she told Hope there’s no training, Hope doesn’t appear. I’m thinking something bad’s happened here ‘cause Hope is normally first in the changing room, she’s always on time, she’s actually really early every single practice, and she’s nowhere to be seen. So we’re calling her, we’re texting, she’s not answering, and I’m like, something bad’s happened to her. And then rumors start to filter through the training that Larsen has told Hope that there’s no training. So Hope now texts half an hour into training ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry.’ Didn’t throw Larsen under the bus, just accepted it that she was at fault, and then the following day…Larsen appears in the donkey shirt, no one asked any questions.

Laura Harvey on how Kristina Larsen earned the Reign’s Donkey of the Day shirt, given to someone for fucking up the most (Women’s Football Podcast)